Tilitoimisto Päätili Oy
Melkonkatu 18
00210 Helsinki
Fax: 0207 118 315

Y-tunnus: 0740868-2

Tuukka Haarlaa, OTK
Laki- ja veropalvelut, yritysjärjestelyt, taloushallinnon palvelut

Puhelin: 040 731 6033
tuukka.haarlaa [at] paatili.fi

Seija Aalto, KTM
Puhelin: 0400 330 157

Jari-Pekka Pajari
Puhelin: 040 730 7070
jari-pekka.pajari [at] paatili.fi

Larisa Laakso
Puhelin: 040 731 6052
larisa.laakso [at] paatili.fi

Tilitoimisto Päätili Oy in English

Päätili Oy is a firm of accountants founded in 1989. We offer a wide range of moderately priced accounting services for companies and entities of all sizes.

We work together with our clients to find the best way of organising financial administration and bookkeeping, taking into account client needs and size.

Our extensive client structure means we know the financial administration needs of various companies and entities. Our client base includes limited companies, associations and foundations in many business sectors. We use the latest business software.

In addition to bookkeeping services, we also provide companies with professional personnel to help smooth out financial administration peaks.

As well as traditional accounting services, Päätili Oy is able to draw on the solid business experience to offerprofessional consultation in issues relating to establishing business in Finland, accountancy, management, tax planning and corporate law.

All our activities are based on the utmost confidentiality and our considerable expertise.